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Side effects of Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is medical treatment which is done with help of antagonist hormones. It is being given to patients who are suffering from different health problem like cancer, menopause and many such more. But in reality this type of therapy is not safe and it can lead to many other health problems.According to research both men and women who undergoes this therapy for any reason find many other health issues. People who are believing in studies and physicians will find that there are many problems which can be experienced as time goes on. The effects are not immediate but as one practices it in long run there are many other systems in human body which will be affected by this therapy. It also varies according to therapy one undergoes but some effects are same in all.

Common Impact of Hormone therapy

• The most common problem which is experienced by both men and women in tiredness. This therapy can make any one tired and it will not allow to carry
out other regular activities.

• It can even effect digestive system and one can feel constipation or even diarrhoea. One who will consult doctor for will get ant sickness tablets which can help.
This problem is severe and sometime can last for 2-3 days and this itself can make one tired.

• It can even lead to headaches and so one should be aware of all this before going for hormonal therapy.

• According to research both men and women who undergoes therapy will find memory issues. It won’t be active and one will find it difficult to remember things.

• Mood swings is one of eth common side effects of therapy. It can lead to depression and people feels stressed.

• There are therapies which can lead to hair thinning.in long run one can really see loss of hair.
How hormone therapy can effect men and women?

• Women’s who are undergoing such therapy will find menopause problem. It can even cause vaginal problem like dryness, sweating and many more.It is dependent
in type of hormone therapy is affecting like if one goes for luteinising hormone it can stop their periods. One going for tamoxifen will feel lighter period.

• Women’s who are undergoing therapy can have severe problem like breast cancer. One who goes for therapy for long year will face such problem in coming future.

• Therapy can help to reduce bad cholesterol form body but it is also true that it can lead to heart attack specially in women’s.It is not helping in heart attack and so women taking such therapy can be affected by it.

• Testosterone is one of the primary hormone find in males and going for therapy can effect tithe basic activity of male is bene controlled by such hormone and so loss of it can create many problems in them. Men can even lose their normal
body process and find it very difficult to live with it.

• Men who are going for therapy will find some adverse effect on their health. They may lose interest in sex and also lose their physical strength.

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